What characterizes the companies that choose to work with The Arcus Group? If you are a current client, you should see yourself reflected in the following. If you are a prospective client, the following should resonate with you…it should strike you as ‘making sense’ of what may previously have seemed like a fairly capricious process for selecting what can be one of your most strategic vendor partnerships.

First and foremost, clients who work with The Arcus Group tell us they place a premium on selecting partners who know how to deliver both consultative and transactional value. They don’t engage search firms to do what their strategy or HR consulting partners do best…but neither do they engage ‘headhunters’ whose orientation is merely to match a resume’s title with an opening. They understand that leadership is capital and substantive advice on both acquisition and deployment of that capital is a unique and valuable discipline.

The Arcus Group clients set the bar high on each recruit; they understand the competitive differentiation…and the competitive disadvantage resulting from the potential range of hiring decision quality. Our clients and those we seek to serve resonate with the concept of pursuing the disciplines inherent in ‘Leadership by Design’.

Current Clients range from early stage to ‘Global 10’ across every asset class and equity structure and in businesses as varied as investment banking and capital markets, mining, mobile consumer and social media, thin-film solar cell technology, industrial lasers, genetic mapping and the delivery of truly dynamic QoS management across networks. Our clients recognize the value of acquiring leaders who have distinguished themselves through their ability to envision and enable next generation solutions…whether it’s from the perspective of a board member, general manager or the leader of a specific function such as design, production, sales, distribution, service, marketing, finance, IT, R&D, proprietary trading, risk management, compliance, etc.

In our experience, the value-add inherent in this context-rich approach applies whether you are a $50 million manufacturer of widgets, a global investment or commercial bank or a $150 billion vertically integrated conglomerate. Each of our partners has driven engagements where this disciplined approach to identifying leadership-that- exceeds-expectations has succeeded in industries as varied as computing and communications, digital media, industrial, aerospace, chemicals, life sciences, financial services, consumer products, education and not-for profit.

For additional details on the markets/industries we most effectively serve, please look for the release of our industry-specific sub sites coming soon under ‘Industries and Sectors’.

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