Approach - Leadership by Design

Leadership is capital; capital acquired and efficiently aligned. While the metrics that define and assess leadership capital efficiency may not be as clearly delineated as other forms of scorecards or ratios, it can, nonetheless, be addressed in a rigorous, disciplined and systematic fashion. Leadership capital’s allocative efficiency is exemplified by the alignment it creates across strategy, KPIs and the critical success factors underpinning strategy’s translation into execution.

It is this belief that has led The Arcus Group to push the envelope on applying the principles of both design and capital efficiency to the processes associated with executive and board search: from defining success outcomes, designing acquisition strategies, execution, assessment to the closing and alignment of this critical form of capital, Leadership.

Leadership by Design acknowledges the need for systematic, disciplined and ‘gated’ process in building-up leadership competency. Process and assessment rigor that delivers differentiated value in securing the leadership that is a necessary antecedent to achieving success along the continuum of aligning strategy with the complexities of executing that strategy.

The Arcus Group’s partners leverage these principles in a systematic manner to help clients optimize their organization’s leadership impact…by design.

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